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Great Indian Bustard  Ardeotis nigriceps,  Henrik Gronvold

Great Indian Bustard  Ardeotis nigriceps,  Henrik Gronvold




Bar-tailed Pheasant, Syrmaticus humaie, Henrik Gronvold

Bar-tailed Pheasant   Syrmaticus humaie,  Henrik Gronvold




Cheer Pheasant  Catreus wallichii, Henrik Gronvold

Cheer Pheasant  Catreus wallichii,  Henrik Gronvold




Kakapo  Strigops habroptilus,  Wilhelm Kuhnert

Kakapo (parrot)  Strigops habroptilus,  Wilhelm Kuhnert




Solitary Tinamu  Tinamus solitarius,  Wilhelm Kuhnert

Solitary Tinamu  Tinamus solitarius,   Wilhelm Kuhnert






Harpy Eagle  Harpia harpyja,  Wilhelm Kuhnert

Harpy Eagle  Harpia harpyja,  Wilhelm Kuhnert





Blue and Gold Macaw Ara ararauna, Wilhelm Kuhnert

Blue and Gold Macaws live in Central and South America. Their beauty and ability to learn to imitate speech make them popular and expensive pets.


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