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 Extinct Animals  11  - Extinct Horses
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The Dawn Horse, Eohippus, Hyracotherium

Hyracotherium, the earliest known horse, lived in the early Eocene, about 50 million years ago in Asia, Europe and North America, was less than 20 inches long and stood less than 10 inches tall at the shoulder.  This tiny horse was preyed on by early dog and cat like predators and even giant carnivorous birds!





Hypohippos a Miocene Horse, Charles R. Knight


Hypohippos was a Miocene Horse that inhabited heavy undergrowth in North America.  Early North American Horses were not the ancestors of present day horses.





Pleistocene Horse

A Pleistocene Horse That Lived in North America.





Saber Toothed Tiger Preys on .jpg

Saber Toothed Tiger Preys on an Early Horse Eohippus







Phenacodus lived about 55 million years ago, evolving only 10 million years after the dinosaurs had gone extinct and was one of the earliest of the first hoofed mammals, possibly a predecessor of the long leaniage of hoofed animals.


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