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The Great Toothed Diver Hesperornis, J. M. Gleason, Animals of the Past, 1922

The Great Toothed Diver, Hesperornis, J. M. Gleason

Hesperornis regalis, the Great Toothed Diver, was a huge wingless, carnivorous diving bird with teeth.






Phororhacos, Charles Knight, Animals of the Past, 1922

Phororhacos, Charles Knight

Extinct 9 ft Tall, 280 lb flightless, carnivorous "Terror Birds" lived terrorized rodents and small mammals in Patagonia during the Pleistocene era.





Argentavis - the largest flying bird ever

Argentavis Argentavis magnificens

The largest flying bird ever lived in Argentina during the Miocene. It had a 23' wingspan and is related to the Andean Condor.






12 Foot Ostriches

12 Foot Elephant Birds

Enormous ostrich-like birds of Madagascar standing as tall as twelve feet and weighing more than 800 pounds have been extinct since the 17th century.



Giant Moa, Wonders of Animal Life

Giant Moa

The largest of the giant flightless land birds called Moas of the savannahs and forest fringes of New Zealand and surrounding islands stood as tall as 13 feet. Hunting by the Maori may have driven them to extinction shortly before Europeans arrived.


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