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Eskimo Curlew


 Louis Agassiz Fuertes

Eskimo Curlews once numbered in the millions breeding in Alaska and Canadada's Northwest Territories.



Long-billed Curlew, Hudsonian Curlew, Eskimo Curlew

Their migration route extended hundreds of miles out over the Atlantic from Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the New England States to South America finally to Argentina and Chile to winter with flocks of Golden Plovers and Bartram's Sandpipers. A return overland route followed the land connection between the two continents up through the central North American Plains.


As many as two million Eskimo Curlews were hunted each year in the 1800s, close to extinction by 1900 and finally protected in North America in 1917.



Eskimo Curlew, Numenius borealis



Chester A. Reed

Their numbers dwindled to so few they were rarely sighted and feared extinct.  Reports leave some hope they may yet recover.


Eskimo Curlew

John James Audubon



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